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Anderson Silver Plating
541 Industrial Parkway
Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: (574) 294-6447
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Additional Services

Anderson Silver Plating provides a variety of services beyond musical instrument plating and renovation. These include military & aerospace specification electroplating in silver, gold, nickel, tin-nickel & copper. Capabilities include silver plating on stainless steel. Surface treatments offered are buffing and glass bead. The company performs in-house design & engineering, JIT delivery and offers a QC testing laboratory.

Electro-Formed Tubing

Anderson Silver Plating's custom electro-formed tapered tubes for trumpet, cornet, and bassoon mouthpipes are now being offered to the industry. These tubes have the advantage of being very consistent from one tube to the next. Electro-formed trumpet, cornet, and trombone bells are also available. Besides being consistent, these bells have controlled distribution of metal. The throat and flare are made thin for excellent response and projection, and the stems are left heavy to give strength at the braces and to facilitate bending.

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