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Shipping of Musical Instruments

Anderson Silver Plating Co., Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged packages during transit — This is between you and the carrier. Instruments to be shipped should be surrounded by at least four inches of soft packing and be in a strong carton. We prefer shipping without the case since we find most damage occurs when a horn or other instrument is shipped within its case.

We advise against shipping any valuable instrument by the United States Postal Service due to the difficulty in obtaining adequate shipping insurance and the arduous task of receiving reimbursement in the event of damage or loss.

Anderson Silver Plating will return ship valuable instruments via UPS rather than USPS unless specifically instructed by the customer to do otherwise.

Additional Services

  • Heavy Wall Silver Electroplated Bearings.
  • Military & aerospace specification electroplating in silver, gold, nickel, tin-nickel & copper.
  • Custom electro-formed bells and tapered tubing for musical instrument horns.
  • Industrial and Commercial electroplating in precious and semi-precious metals.
  • Precision Metal Finishing.

Customer Comments

Customer comments"WOW!!! What more can I say other than I'm absolutely thrilled with the horn's appearance."

Quality Precious Metal Electroplating Services

Anderson Silver Plating was founded in 1948 to fulfill the plating needs of the musical instrument manufacturers in Elkhart, Indiana. Since then, Anderson Silver Plating has grown to be the largest independent plater of band instruments in the world. We currently serve most of the band instrument manufactures in the United States and plate thousands of instruments each year.

Our unswerving commitment to QUALITY AND SERVICE has earned us the appreciation and loyalty of hundreds of customers. We have chosen to commit ourselves to industries of good reputation with low volume high quality requirements. Our extensive history and experience with the band instrument industry is available to our customers for assistance with their processes and problems. Some of our customers have saved themselves trouble and money by consulting with us before trying new processes or materials.

A Note About Quality Plating on Band Instruments

Are you wondering why your silver or gold plated instruments and mouthpieces are wearing through so soon? Check, they probably were not plated by Anderson Silver Plating.

As prices for precious metals continue to go up, there are voices saying: reduce the silver thickness to keep the cost down. But not at Anderson Silver Plating.

You will not have to worry about wear-through on band instruments plated at Anderson's because of cost cutting. Mouthpieces and band instruments plated to Anderson specification today will last just as long as if they were plated anytime in the past -- clear back to 1948, and they will be the correct color. You know our work always looks good and you can be assured that the thickness is still there.

If your manufacturer or repair shop is using Anderson Silver Plating for their plating services you are getting the best.


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Piston Fitting Department Has Closed

To our loyal and valued piston fitting customers, we regret to inform you that, as of August 2018, we have closed our piston fitting department. Our 30 year technician has retired and at this time we do not have a replacement that can maintain our quality standards.
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