Aerospace and Military Specification Plating

Aerospace and Military Specification Plating

Besides being the oldest and largest plater of band instruments in the world, Anderson Silver Plating Co., Inc. has a long history of plating to Mil-Spec and Aerospace specification. Some of the early mercury space vehicles had Anderson Silver Plating electroplated components in them.

Today, Anderson’s is plating, or has plated, for customers to:

  • Bell Helicopter Textron – plating specifications
  • Federal Mogal – plating specifications
  • BatesVille-Hilenbrand – plating specifications
  • Mil-Spec for gold, silver, nickel and copper
  • Aerospace material specifications for gold and silver

Anderson Silver Plating operates its own quality control laboratory to control processes and certify results. Two certified ovens with chart recorders are in house for Hydrogen embrillement relief.

Anderson Silver Plating has been audited and certified by numerous Fortune 500, Aerospace and defense contractors. Anderson’s quality management system has been approved and results appreciated by companies whose names are recognized all over The United States.

Anderson has chosen to remain small (30,000 sq feet building on 2.5 acres, 24 employees, three plating lines) and direct it’s attention and expertise towards low volume – high quality requirements. Our employees are well trained and closely supervised. Anderson’s experience and engineering abilities are used to help customers develop a new product or process.